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in-house VOIP

Not all clouds have a silver lining! Deciding which services can be pushed to the cloud and what remains in-house can be a something of a concern in terms of access and security.

What you choose as a business is a top level management choice mainly based on how many people you have, how your phones are used and what you need to happen if a telephone emergency takes place - in-house VOIP has much improved resiliency options over cloud hosted VOIP but the initial cost will be greater.


For example if you only have one main business number and don't get lots of calls per day then in the event of your internet connection failing for whatever reason you can easily divert the number to a mobile and the business by and large carries on.


However if you have a lot of sales people taking incoming calls or make lots of internal calls between internal departments then in this scenario a hybrid system which has some traditional PSTN line backup capability might work best for you.


Here at Kaizen, we use in-house VOIP but without any PSTN backup because we have a leased line which has a guaranteed SLA in addition we have further resiliency in the shape of an additional FTTC line which acts as a backup in the unlikely event of a leased line failure.


With in-house VOIP the calls are often cheaper than hosted cloud as your SIP trunks have call bundles which give you free calls for most of the time so although the system cost is higher the overall ROI is higher.


The features of this type of system are superb and can include voicemail to email and video calls and internal calls are crystal clear as they run over your internal network without having to go outside.


Security is also much safer as firewalls can be set really tight preventing intruders accessing your network via the phone system as they can do in a cloud based system if not maintained properly.

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